Sabar Flex India: IPO & Business

Sabar Flex India is promoted by Mr. Hikmatbahadur K. Kunwar. At present look after the overall management, day to day affairs and is the guiding force behind the strategic decisions of the Company. His industry knowledge and understanding of the current market situation enables us to improve its geographic horizon and market presence. The company believes that they shall be able to create a market position by adhering to the vision of our Promoter and senior management and their experience.

Their business operations are broadly divided into:

To carry on the business as manufacturers of and dealer in products, articles of packaging, made from paper, board, pulp of all kinds, cellulose films, polyethylene, plastic films, and metal foils and films of all kinds and other flexible or laminated materials, bags, pouches, envelops, sheets, rolls and all kinds of flexible packaging and manufacturing, fabricating, printing, treating, waxing and laminating all kinds of packing materials and all type of Raw Materials of packing materials. Manufacturing of ink and all type of raw material of ink.

To carry on the business as manufacturers, processors, designers, buyers, sellers, exporters, importers and otherwise dealers in all kinds of packing cases, cartons, drums, crates, cans and containers, wooden boxes, plastic containers, polythene containers, bottles, hollow wares etc., whether made of plastic or any man made fiber, or of other material, including high and low density polythene, polypropylene, plastic and other manmade fibrous material used in manufacture of all or any of the above products and raw materials used therefore.

To carry on the business of manufacturers, buyers, sellers, importers, exporters and dealers in all kinds of packing materials, containers, receptacles, boxes, cartons, cases, drums, cages, tins, bins, jars, tubes, crates, packing cases, cans, bottles, vials and fittings thereof of every kind and to manufacture and deal in plastic, any other materials whether chemically treated or not, used for the manufacture of any of the articles or products or goods.

Competitive Strengths :

Location Advantage

Strong management team and motivated and efficient workforce

Quality Assurance

Research and Development capability