JFL Life Sciences IPO: Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Products

Incorporated in 2010, JFL Life Sciences Limited is engaged in the business of manufacturing pharmaceutical products. The company’s product portfolio consists of Dry powder injections (B-Lactam), Tablets & Capsules (B-Lactam) solid oral dosage form and Tablet and capsules (general) Solid Oral Dosage Form and Oral rehydration solutions (ORS).

The company’s sales strategy is to sell the products in bulk to pharmaceutical marketers and traders who in turn provide the channel for sales to customers. JFL Life Sciences Limited has a market presence in PAN India and JFL’s products are supplied to 10 developed and developing countries throughout the World.

JFL Life Sciences Limited exports products to African, Middle Eastern, and CIS countries, mainly through merchant exporters. The company is registered with the MOH of Kenya, Nigeria, Yemen, Cambodia & Myanmar for manufacturing a particular product. Few of our products are also registered with Ukraine, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan (CIS countries) through merchants.

JFL has two manufacturing units (on lease) in Gujarat.

Competitive Strength :

Product registration

Experienced management and dedicated employee base

Quality assurance

Quality & Brand strength