Dhyaani Tile and Marblez: Trading vitrified tiles used primarily for flooring solutions

Dhyaani Tile and Marblez Ltd is engaged in the business of trading of vitrified tiles used primarily for flooring solutions.

Company commenced this business in 2019, upon takeover of the business from the earlier promoters. Earlier to this the company was engaged in the business of trading of agro commodities.

The Company generally sells the products through a network of distributors and dealers/traders located at different locations of the country. At present, the company has a distribution network of around 40 traders spread across various states.

Company’s business operations are broadly divided into two product categories:

Double Charge Vitrified Tiles: Double charge vitrified tiles are tiles that are fed through a press which prints the pattern with a double layer of pigment, 3 to 4 mm thicker than other types of tiles. This process does not permit complex patterns but results in a long-wearing tile surface, suitable for heavy traffic commercial projects.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles: Glazed vitrified tiles are flat slabs manufactured from ceramic materials such as clay, feldspar and quartz and other additives and fired at high temperatures to ensure high strength and low water absorption.